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Job descriptions are one of the important components of a successful and streamlined recruitment process. They play a major role in job postings, setting expectations, candidate selection as well as hiring the right talent.

An engaging job description would help not just the hiring team but also the candidates.

  1. It helps candidates have a clear understanding of their job role, their duties and responsibilities.
  2. It helps the team understand what to expect from the newly recruited candidates.
  3. It aids the new recruits set career goals
  4. It also provides a basis for measuring the employee's performance.
  5. It helps in delivering a great candidate experience and strengthening your employer brand.

Job Descriptions should, therefore, be engaging and written thoughtfully.

Your job descriptions should have an appropriate job title. It should give the job seekers a brief overview of the role they are applying for. It should list down the day to day duties and responsibilities of the role. In addition to this, an ideal job description should contain the requirements and the educational qualifications you seek in your candidates.

Writing magnetic job descriptions is a tedious task for most HR Professionals out there. Jobsoid has compiled a library of effective job description templates written especially by HR Experts from various industries. Whether you are hiring professionals for the Customer Service industry, Information Technology industry or simply Human Resources Roles, these job templates will surely help you attract top talent to your company.

These job descriptions are thoughtfully crafted considering the roles and responsibilities of every job role. They contain all the necessary information about the job and ensure it fulfills all the job posting requirements as set by the job boards and other job posting sites. You can use these job descriptions as they are or customize them according to your hiring requirements.

How to Write a Job Description

How to Customize a Job Description That Attracts

A great job description should have the following components:

Job title

A job title is a brief description of the job. It needs to clearly reflect the content, purpose, and scope of the job without exaggerating the importance of the role. And it should be free of age and gender implications. An example of a good job title is ‘Call Center Agent.” An example of a bad job title for the same position would be ‘Sales & Marketing Specialist.’ This title is not clear and is likely to attract the wrong people, making you miss out on qualified candidates.

Duties and responsibilities

The job description should contain a list of the duties and responsibilities assigned to the job. These are the fundamental tasks the candidate would be performing when hired. While writing the duties and responsibilities, consider these pointers:

  • Describe the duties and responsibilities in no more than 2 or 3 sentences.
  • Make sure each of the duties and responsibilities is outcome-based. This means that it should contain a purpose, an object, and an action. An example would be ‘Prepare monthly sales report to keep track of monthly targets.’

Skills and competencies

Skills and competencies are two different things and should be listed separately. Skills are activities the candidates have learned from past work experience or education. An example of a skill is time management or effective presentation, which can be learned through study and practice. On the other hand, competencies are personality traits or attributes that are usually inherent, which you expect the candidate to display in the role. An example of competency is strong communication, which is an innate characteristic of a person.


Working relationships are the departments or the people the candidate would require to work closely with. Your job description should have reporting lines and working relationships mentioned. Reporting lines give clarification on the responsibilities of the position, and the candidate also gets an insight into the hierarchical structure of the organization and where their position fits.


Instead of assigning a particular salary amount to the job description, it makes a better sense to include a salary range, especially if the job position is competitive with similar positions in other organizations. Make sure you keep updating this salary range with changing pay scales.

Additional Tips

  • Say ‘you’ instead of ‘the ideal candidate’
  • Provide hiring timeframe to create urgency for the position
  • Focus responsibilities on growth and development
  • Avoid extreme modifiers or superlatives
  • Before publishing the job description, double-check to ensure clarity and accuracy

Stay Ahead of the Competition

A well-written job description goes a long way in attracting the talent you need to grow your company and put you ahead of the competition. There’s also an added benefit: Apart from making a great impression on potential candidates, it also enhances your company’s brand reputation and helps you bring in more customers.

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